Music in Los Angeles (The Sixties)

This is a photo essay of playing music in Los Angeles while the Vietnam War was going on.  There were peace protests in Los Angeles and San Francisco just about every weekend.  Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors, Rolling Stones and the Beatles were all still active.  There are rare photos of Mario Parker on Organ, Ron Knight on vocals, Tony Morales on drums and a photo of a young girl that Bob Barboza took in Vietnam.  We will continue to add to this photo essay as we discover more and more photos.  Bob Wolin is in the photo with Ron Knight singing, Bob is playing the guitar.

Last is the photo collection, is Davey Lopes from the Los Angeles Dodger.   Bob Barboza went to school and played basketball with Davey Lopes in Providence, Rhode Island.  Davey is still with the Dodgers as a first base coach.

We have a photo of Nina visiting with Joe Horstman from New York.  I hope we have her name right.  If not let us know.

Mario Parker.JPG




Ron Knight LACC_1830.JPG

Tony Morales_1836.JPG

Tony Morales_1835.JPG

Visting California_1831.JPG

Davey Lopes.JPG


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