Jaco Pastorius: His music and playing is still important in American Jazz

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News Flash: Jaco Pastorius Big Band at  Hollywood Bowl


Jaco Pastorius is not dead. His big band played at the Hollywood Bowl last night and he created Weather Report 2.0. The self-described “world greatest bass player” Jaco Pastorius has been gone for now over 28 years and last night he came back and created Weather Report 2.0 and the born again Word of Mouth big band.

In my opinion, Jaco came back for one night at the Hollywood Bowl through his son Felix Pastorius and the original music he wrote for his Word of Mouth big band.   The band was hard hitting and nocked the audience out. Peter Erskine played drums like he was twenty-one years old and put the band over the top. Herbie Handcock was the perfect MC and Vince Mendoza was the perfect conductor for the job.

The stage was full of bass players and that’s what…

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